Argentine Tango

Learn to Dance the Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango has been popularized on stage and screen as a dance of passion through its dramatic portrayal. Even the most advanced dancers will be beckoned by the challenge of this dance. You will discover why the Argentineans think of it as more than just a dance, but as a way of life. In the Argentine Tango, you will learn how to "feel" and react to music in a profound new way. The mood, the music and the steps will intertwine as you capture the soul of the Tango.

The Argentine Tango’s origin is somewhat unknown due to a variety of cultures merging in the Buenos Aires region in the late 1800s. This melting pot of cultures resulted in different dances and music being shared. Traditional dances, like the Waltz and Polka, were mixed together and heavily influenced by the Habanera from Cuba and song rhythms from Africa.

The Argentine Tango dance is a fusion of different cultures, dance styles, and rhythms. This type of Tango can vary from being a close, embraced, dance to a more open dance where the partners are at arms length from each other.  This Tango is known for being an improvisational dance and once you learn the basic steps, you can adjust to the “feel” of the dance. At Arthur Murray New Mexico in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, our trained dance instructors will be able to teach you the basic steps of the Argentine Tango, allowing you to feel comfortable improvising and dancing to the music.

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