Bronze Program

Associate Bronze Program 

swing_lindy dancing





This is the program for the dancer who wants to move easily on the dance floor. It will help you learn to move freely around the floor, expanding variety, good technique and footwork, and it will introduce you to styling. This dance program is very popular with the person who wants to get on the floor immediately. At the completion of each level, you will be checked by an Arthur Murray examiner.



Full Bronze Program

Bronze is the full Social Standard. Your dance instructors have designed it to develop timing and technique in all social dances. This level will help you look attractive and feel comfortable on the floor. It will strengthen your leading or following to the point that, regardless of your partner, the kind of music, or the type of dance floor, you will look poised and comfortable with all the popular social dances and their many variations. It will give you all the confidence you will ever need on the dance floor. With this program, dancing knowledge will be yours to keep, as you will always remember the elements of each dance. It is the fun point in dancing when you only have to think about enjoying your partner and having fun yourself.

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