Learn to Dance the Tango

There are essentially three types of Tango - Argentine, American and International.

Argentine Tango (arrabalero): Created by the Gauchos in Argentina. It was actually an attempt to imitate a Spanish dance except that the Gauchos danced in closed position. The dancer interprets the music spontaneously without any predetermined slow or quick steps. The Tango caused a sensation and was soon to be seen in a more subdued version throughout the world.

American Tango: This type features a structure which follows musical phrasing. It is a ballroom style dance which follows a line of dance and alternates between closed and open dance positions which incorporate a particular freedom of expression.

International Tango: This is a highly disciplined and distinctively structured form which is accepted worldwide as the format for dancesport events. Dancers remain in traditional closed position throughout and express both the legato and staccato aspects of the music appropriate to this style.

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